Friday, August 27, 2010


820 kms return trip to the beatiful mountainous dorpie of Clarens. 60km's off-road through the farms. Damn....a wicked cold-front blowing from the Cape caused a serious cross-wind which makes riding seriously dangerous.. Could average 90kms per hour back home. Stopped at Harrismith masjid for Zohar going and Bethlehem coming back. Passed just about 50 adventure motocycles on the road.. singles and couples...

Monday, July 26, 2010

the shots

I just stepped into the travel clinic to enquire about what shots are required for a trip up east africa and walked out with Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Yellow Fever and Meningitis shots which last anything from 3 to 10 less thing to worry about i guess.. (",) Doc mentioned a new anti-malaria tablet that doesn't have any side effects as the old ones which caused one to have delusions..not the kind of side effect you'd want on two wheels at 120kms/hr. The challenge of Africa is the tropical climate, economic and social situation which is literally a breeding ground for the nasty side of nature..

Kit for the bike

It was annoying to have the garmin mobile on my Nokia N79 feeding directions through from my pocket. The aftermarket variety of GPS mounts are very pricey so a trip down to builders warehouse was needed. A 15mm rubberised clamp and some screws along with a punched metal plate taxed me R90 and was adapted to serve as a GPS holder. That's R700 saved!! As for the pannier (side) would think that they made of Platinum!! R8000 for a set of branded aluminium boxes just sounded crazy.. After a childhood of Mcguyver episodes one tend to balance budget, resources and ingenuity..along the trip to builders warehouse in the electrics isle, i found this metal electric box that could be adapted to the purpose..and for R500!! For two!! IL have to dust off that welding machine, compressor and goggles..

Test drive by the experts

Recces runs

The bikes back and Alex at Holeshot Motocycles managed to lower it by a 10cms...shaving the seat slightly and fitting a smaller arm-sprocket-thingeymajiek...anyway i can touch the ground at least (",)Bought a headlight guard and Oxford disk lock to protect the light from the local stones and the bike from the locals.. Here goes the recce runs...The advice of seasoned explorers is that you have to be married to your bike for about 12 months prior to long range departure. If this trip is to get off the ground, ill have to half that time period.
Trip 1 Around the neighbourhood and down the road +- 40kms
stalled 4 times...almost hit 2 taxis....and dropped the bike twice (crashbars arent there to make the bike look mean)
Trip 2
To De Deur +- 100kms
Excellent trip through the Parys backroad..
Trip 3
To Roshnee +-120kms
Had a cool drive...minimal traffic..had lunch with the family and back home before sunset.
Trip 4
To Rustenburg +-250kms
The backroad through Krugesdorp/tarlton/magalies is heavy traffic and bike had enough torque through the gears. Lunch with my buddy and his inlaws and time to head home. Tyre specialists at the table expressed concer at the range bike tyres give and the compound im using. The rugged Maxxis on at the moment arent suited to road surfaces but will do well on the gravel.
Trip 5
To Lichtenburg +-450kms
Dorpie runs through klerksdorp and mielie country. Pray midday prayer in Lichtenberg..lunch at local take-away and back on the road. Departed at 9am, rest of 2 hour at midday and back home by 5pm..thats 6 hours in the saddle. Damn..have to get those sheepskin covers i saw the other day. Got stuck at some road works with single lane robots in the middle of nowhere!

The Gear

After much shopping around, bargain hunting and price comparing as only an indian can do..the helmet, jacket and boots seem like the most pricey objects around..but hey..what price can you gooi on your ribcage, head and ankle..
must say..enduro/touring boots look mean..its what gave Arnie his walk in Terminator (",) the golden rule seems like the more uncomfortable the walk, the safer your shin,foot&ankle.
There seems to be alot on offer in various price ranges however safety comes out on top. Still shopping around.
Been riding around with a semi touring/road helmet..keeping me safe for the time being..decisions decisions